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   Local Phone: 562-804-4506

   Fax: 562-920-5240


    5P- Society
PO Box 268
Lakewood, CA 90714


Regional Contacts

Below is a list of people that can put you in touch with other families in your geographic area that may have a child close in age to your child. They can also provide informational literature.

The United States
Midwest Joan Steele 618-687-3006 (after 6pm CST)
East Coast Ruthie Liberman 781-861-3962
West Coast Jennifer Wong 916-983-4954
South East Shari Campbell 251-776-6430
Texas Mary Clare Tanner
Eastern Canada Christy Hammond 519-425-4404
Western Canada Clara Thomsen

5P- Around the World

International Contacts

Many countries around the world have parents and professionals that have dedicated their time to be the first point of contact regarding Cri du Chat Syndrome in their country.  The information below is provided to give parents and health care professionals a direct link in their respective countries to those who can help parents learn and discover more about Cri du Chat Syndrome or 5p– Syndrome.

If your country is not listed and you’d like to be the point of contact, or you have found an error, please contact us at




Website, Facebook page or Phone Number
Algeria Lafdjah Fadela and Belkacem Labcen +213 0776 48 93 20
Argentia Cecila Requeni or Mariajose Rodriguez or
Australia Cri du Chat Syndrome of Australia, Inc.
Belarus Inga Dubinina or +375 29 6393829
Belgium Cri du Chat België/Nederland
Brazil Nucleo de Aconselhamento e Pesquisa Cri du Chat
Bulgaria Polina Nikolova
Canada Brad & Christy Hammond or 5p- Society or
China Zhang Yong
Colombia Adela Castro Castillo
Costa Rica Natalia Lopez Zeledon 506-60-51-46-93
Cuba Lazaro Malo de Molina & Zandra Raton 535 533 8594
Denmark Svenska Cri du Chat – Sallskapet
Ecuador Marcia Vascones Pozo
France Daniel Pujolle or
Germany Cri du Chat Germany – Uwe Engleman
Great Britain Cri du Chat Syndrome Support Group
Greece Dimitra Kourtidou
Iceland Harpa Dis Ulfarsdottir +35 46 602684
Ireland Cri du Chat Syndrome Support Group
Italy Associazion Bambini Cri du Chat
Japan Fumiko Tanaka
Kazakhstan Raihan Aubakirova +77012029090
Lebanon Samar Alsayed
México Cinco P Menos México 01 55 26303095
Morocco Achraf Abbes Al Moutaa & Atab El Rherbi
+212 (0) 661 344 040
+212 (0) 662 486 232
New Zealand Cri du Chat New Zealand

Jo Ellis
Palestine Rawanda Abu-Hakmeh
Panama Patricia Gonzalez Domingo
Poland Dawid Zielinski

Qatar Milagros Rimachi
Russia Ksenia Zhukova (Жукова Ксения Николаевна) +7 904 980-7-09
Saudi Arabia Reem Mulla
Serbia Emi Delic +38 16 03104006
Spain Fundacion Sindrome 5p


Slovakia Csilla Szabo
South Africa Anél Burger
Sweden Svenska Cri du Chat Sallskapet
The Netherlands Cri du Chat België/Nederland
Trinidad & Tobago Hayden & Rosanne Nanton
Turkey Özge Bilir Yildiz
Ukraine Vira Hnatyk +3 80501059344
United Kingdom Cri du Chat Syndrome Support Group

Parent to Parent Support

Parent to Parent Support Coordinators

Name Phone Email Location
Elizabeth Picciuto (301)625-3249 New York
Alicia Wilson (318)355-9525 Arkansas
Olga Kinchla (203)265-1524 Connecticut
Cathy Vaden (850)832-2852 Florida
Pam Frayn (847)791-6973 Illinois
Mary Clare Tanner (512)914-9958 Texas
Jennifer Wong (916)983-4954 California
Jolene Towers (937)427-2709 Ohio
Danielle Karcz (603)674-6117 New Hampshire
Joan Steele (618)687-3006 Illinois
Ruthie Liberman (781)861-3962 Massachusetts
Dawn Sadler (907)474-0956 Alaska
Shari Campbell (251)776-6430 Alabama
Shanida Mathieu (985)652-1661 Louisiana
Christy Hammond (519)425-4404 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Clara Thomsen Alberta, Canada

Lista de Contactos en Espanol

Nombre Telefono Correo Cd./Estado/Pais
Mari Ramirez (254)498-5610 Abbott, TX
Natalia Rodriguez (520)979-7895 Tucson, AZ
Barbara Mena (917)822-5341 Raeford, NC
Elsa Perez (909)630-1205 Pomona, CA
Adela Castro Colombia
Patricia Gonzalez-Domingo Panama
Hayden y Rosanne Nanton (832)449-5252 Trinidad y Tobago

Sibling Connection

This is where we connect siblings of persons with the 5P- Syndrome with other siblings for mutual support, sharing of experiences, and creating new friendships.

Click on one of the social media links below to connect.

Twitter: @sibs4criduchat

The Sibling Support Project

The Sibling Support Project is the first national program dedicated to the life-long and ever-changing concerns of millions of brothers and sisters of people with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns.


Here’s a poem written by one of our wonderful siblings!!

A Teacher in Disguise

I was not planned, but a blessing in disguise
I was a teacher before I knew I wanted to teach
I was a motivator to my brother, though I did not know I was
I motivated him to crawl and walk, yet I was still learning

He encourages me to be thankful I can walk
He inspires me to be thankful I can talk
He reminds me to be thankful I can drive a car
He motivates me to be thankful I can get a college degree
He inspires me to be thankful I’m able to get married

Because of him, I have friends from all over the states
Because of him, I appreciate the miracle of life
Because of him, we have an awareness walk
Because of him, I stepped out of my comfort zone
Because of him, we fundraise for awareness
Because of him, we raise awareness for 5p- syndrome

He was first a learner, who I taught
He is now a teacher, who I learn from
That walking and talking are gifts that need to be appreciated
That the miracle of life really is a miracle
That it’s really cool having a sibling with 5p- Syndrome
Because I knew a little bit about genetics before my friends did

© Jannie Boulanger

Grandparent Support Group

We are a support group for grandparents of a child with Cri-du-chat Syndrome.

We meet as a group during the annual conference to share what has been going on in our grandchild’s life. Some of us live in the same city and are involved in the caretaking of our grandchild; some of us live miles away and are unable to be involved daily. We are a support person for our children and grandchildren with Cri-du-chat Syndrome. We as grandparents help with fundraising for the Society. Many of the grandparents are either semi-retired or retired and have varied business expertise to offer.

Host A Grandparent’s Angel Fund Event!

Pick an occasion that is special to you. It could be your birthday, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.. In honor of that day, host a potluck dinner, yard sale or car wash. You, your family, friends, and neighbors can donate money at this event to the 5P- Society in the name of your grandchild. Donations are tax deductible!

Contact fellow Grandparents:


Donna Grasso
708 N. Eagle Rd
Havertown, PA 19083 (Grandson, Matthew Grasso born June 2010)

Gloria Griffin
603 Wimpleton Place
Louisville, KY
(502) 724-6461 (Grandson, Landen Griffin born July 2003)

Fran & Jim Bodle
3440 Plumeria Place
Costa Mesa, CA 92646
(714) 540-2399 (Granddaughter, Katie Castillo born November 1987)