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The Marathon Man: How Jim Chalmers Inspires Others Every Time he runs

StoryTeller, May 25, 2016, Kari Jo Faulhaber
This video captures the heart and soul of Jim Chalmers, an adult with Cri du Chat Syndrome.  Jim breaks barriers, stereotypes and judgments of people with disabilities. A must see!!

One Mom’s Heartfelt Plea to Put an End to Changing Her Son on the Floor of Public Bathrooms

POPSUGAR, May 24, 2016, Alessia Santoro

With the world focused on the transgender bathroom debate, Shannon Campbell, mother of 16-year-old Brennan, who has Cri du Chat Syndrome, also has a feeling about public bathrooms. “Everyone deserves to use bathrooms safely. But the population that is left behind is the disabled”. She was bold enough to show what she meant. In a FaceBook post she displayed a photo of her son being changed on the floor of a public restroom.

Puyallup mom finds meaning in caring for her disabled son.

The News Tribune: Puyallup News, May 10, 2016, Heather DeRosas

The McDaniel family successfully lobbied Washington State Governor Jay Inslee to proclaim May 5 as Cri du Chat Syndrome Day.


Annual 5P- Society Conference

Each year the 5p- Society holds a conference for families and caregivers to come together to exchange information and bond over shared experiences. This conference is one of the main reasons for the existence of the Society, and a wonderful experience for conference attendees. It is a powerful experience to bring so many people from all walks of life together with the purpose of making their loved ones’ lives better.

The conference location is moved to a new location each year to provide a range of accessibility to families around North America.  Our map below tells you where we have been and were we are going.  For 2025 we will be heading to Salt Lake City, Utah.  We are currently looking to San Antonio area for 2026 and the Kentucky area for 2027.

If you are interested in being a conference host family, please email

Family Meet Ups

Would you like to meet other families in your area?  The 5p- Society will begin to host five (5) regional meet ups each year.  Possible locations will be identified and families in those areas will be contacted.  The 5p- Society will sponsor the Family Meet Ups by assisting with any costs involved (up to a limited amount).  Are you interested in hosting?  Send a message to


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Past Conference Sites

  • 1986 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 1987 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 1988 – Detroit, Michigan
  • 1989 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1990 – Orlando, Florida
  • 1991 – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1992 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 1993 – Irvine, California
  • 1994 – Overland Park, Kansas
  • 1995 – Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1996 – Houston, Texas
  • 1997 – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1998 – Seattle, Washington
  • 1999 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 2000 – Miami, Floria
  • 2001 – Toronto, Ontario Canada
  • 2002 – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 2003 – Memphis, Tennessee
  • 2004 – Philadelphia, Pennyslvania
  • 2005 – St. Louis, Missouri
  • 2006 – San Jose, California
  • 2007 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2008 – Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • 2009 – Dallas, Texas
  • 2010 – Orlando, Florida
  • 2011 – Columbus, Ohio
  • 2012 – Denver, Colorado
  • 2013 – Long Island, New York
  • 2014 – San Antonio, Texas
  • 2015 – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2016 – Costa Mesa, California
  • 2017 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2018 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 2019 – Portland, Oregon
  • 2020 – Virtual Conference
  • 2021 – Virtual Conference
  • 2022 – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 2023 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 2024 – Des Moines, Iowa
  • 2025 – Salt Lake City, Utah