International Cri du Chat awareness week is May 1-10, 2020

International Cri du Chat Awareness Day is May 5th.

Each year the 5p- Society promotes a week of International awareness of 5P- Syndrome, or Cri du Chat. This purpose of this week is to raise awareness and encourage support of those with the Syndrome.  It also marks the 57th year of the finding of Cri du Chat Syndrome by Dr. Jerome Lejeune.


Members and supporters of the 5P- Society are encouraged to participate in the following campaigns:

Submit a Proclamation to Declare May 5 as Cri du Chat Awareness Day with your State Governor

Download this document and follow the steps and ask your State Governor to declare May 5 as Cri du Chat Awareness Day.

5p- Request for proclamation article-2020

Press Release

Download this Press Release and send to your local newspapers.  You will have an area where you can personalize the Press Release with your own information.

2020 Press Release

The Impact of Cri du Chat Syndrome on the Community – Video Project

As you may have read in President, Nick Wallace’s newsletter article, we have a big awareness week project coming up.  This year we are looking to have short videos submitted of people outside of your family unit (examples: teachers, aides, nurses, doctors, community leaders, community members, etc.).  These videos should not exceed 30 seconds and will be of the individual discussing how your child/adult, with Cri du Chat Syndrome/5p- Syndrome, has impacted their life.  The 5p- Society will upload these videos, to our social media outlets, the week leading up to awareness week, during awareness week, and beyond.  We may not be able to upload all of the videos, but we will try our best to get every video that is submitted uploaded.

So, what do you need to know to participate in this project?

  1. Download the video release from here.
  2. Select an individual and record a 30 second or less video of that person discussing the impact your child/adult has had on them. (If you are recording your video with your phone, please record the video with your phone being horizontal versus vertical)
  3. With this being International Awareness Week, if you submit a video in your native language, please submit an English translation with your video.
  4. The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) as well as the individual being filmed will need to fill out and sign the video release form. No video will be shown unless a release form accompanies the video.
  5. Submit the video and the release, by March 15, 2020, using the following link:

We will start accepting videos and releases on February 1st and the final day to submit videos is March 15th.  We are looking forward to seeing the impact your child/adult has had on the people around them.

Share information cards:

Please download, print and share these fact cards with your family, friends, co-workers and general public.  Pass them out along with C5 during his travels.

View and share our “I Can” video that was produced in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of Cri du Chat Syndrome.

Striped Sock Campaign on May 5th

        Download the picture here

  •  Wear striped socks, one long and one short. The short sock represents the whole deleted fifth chromosomes. Post pictures on Social Media! #stripysocks #cdcsstripysocks
Virtual 5K for 5P-

Organize or participate in a Virtual 5K! Create a team, raise funds or host an event. Register on our Red Podium Virtual 5k for 5p- race platform.

Visit and Like us on FaceBook at

About This Event

Announcing the 5th Annual Virtual 5k for 5p- benefiting 5p- Society to be held during International Cri du Chat Awareness Week, May 1-10!

So you may be wondering what exactly IS a Virtual 5k?

It is just like any other 5k (or 3.1 miles), except there is no official race location (and no early start times)! The virtual part of this means no traveling or fighting crowds. It also means you get to choose where, with whom, and even how you want to go that 3.1 miles!

The Virtual 5k for 5p- can be done at any time and on any day during Awareness Week. It can even be done in increments throughout the course of the week! Do you walk to school in the morning, around town during the day, or around the office? Great! Keep track of your distance until you hit the 3.1 miles.

How To Participate

This event is open to individuals of all ages and abilities. Once you register, either as an individual or as part of a team, you are set! Team Captains will be in charge of hosting their local events, if they choose to gather as a group.

Since this is not a sanctioned event, there is no penalty if you are unable to complete any or all of the 5k. However, during Awareness Week, we will be asking participants to post pictures of you on your 5k route. This is completely optional – but since our goal is to bring awareness to 5p- Syndrome, we want to do just that! And by using the special #5pminus5k hashtag on your photos, we will be able to keep up with the fun! Stripy socks (one short, one long) are also encouraged, which you can also share on social media using #stripysocks!

Registration Options

(Registration will open February 1, 2020)

  • $5 registration
  • $20 registration – Includes registration fee, shirt, and custom 2020 Virtual 5k for 5p- race medal (U.S. participants only)
  • $35 registration – Includes registration fee, shirt, a pair of custom striped socks and a custom 2020 Virtual 5k for 5p- race medal (U.S. participants only)
  • $35 registration – Includes registration fee, shirt, and custom 2020 Virtual 5k for 5p- race medal (International participants)
  • $50 registration – Includes registration fee, shirt, a pair of custom striped socks and a custom 2020 Virtual 5k for 5p- race medal (International participants).
  • For more information contact Laura at
Where in the World is C5?

Pose with a picture of our mascot C5 and post on Social Media #SeeC5 #criduchatawareness criduchatstrong #5pminusawareness #5pminusstrong