International 5p- Syndrome Awareness week is May 1-15, 2021

International 5p- Syndrome Awareness Day is May 5th.

Each year the 5p- Society promotes a week of International awareness of 5P- Syndrome, or Cri du Chat. This purpose of this week is to raise awareness and encourage support of those with the Syndrome.  It also marks the 58th year of the finding of Cri du Chat Syndrome by Dr. Jerome Lejeune.


Members and supporters of the 5P- Society are encouraged to participate in the following campaigns:

Submit a Proclamation to Declare May 5 as 5p- Syndrome Awareness Day with your State Governor

Download this document and follow the steps and ask your State Governor to declare May 5 as 5p- Syndrome Awareness Day.


Press Release

Download this Press Release and send to your local newspapers.  You will have an area where you can personalize the Press Release with your own information.

2022 Press Release

Share information cards:

Please download, print and share these fact cards with your family, friends, co-workers and general public.  Pass them out along with C5 during his travels.

View and share our “I Can” video that was produced in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of 5p- Syndrome (Cri du Chat Syndrome).

Striped Sock Campaign on May 5th

                             Download this graphic

  •  Wear striped socks, one long and one short. The short sock represents the partially deleted fifth chromosomes. Post pictures on Social Media! #stripysocks #cdcsstripysocks
Virtual 5K for 5P-

Click here for more information


Where in the World is C5?

Pose with a picture of our mascot C5 and post on Social Media #SeeC5 #criduchatawareness criduchatstrong #5pminusawareness #5pminusstrong