2018 5p- Society Conference Host Family member – Derek Stevens is raising funds for the Conference of Champions!!

For the second year in a row, Derek will be running the JFK 50 mile ultra marathon on November 18 and will again be pushing his body to it’s limits, and using this unique opportunity to bring awareness to 5 P Minus while raising funds to host the ‘Conference of Champions’. Derek loves running ultras and feel incredibly lucky to even have the chance to attempt these endurance events. For him it is a race against himself, where he has the chance to push his personal limits, both physically and mentally. While these challenges are certainly very difficult (no matter how much he trains) they really pale in comparison to real life challenges people with 5 P- or any other disability face every single day. Especially his daughter Helena.  It is with that in mind that Derek tries his best to dedicate himself to helping organizations like The 5P minus Society and their efforts to help affected individuals and their families.

To learn more and donate, please visit:  https://www.razoo.com/story/Cxofbg

To learn more information about the 2018 conference please visit https://fivepminus.org/event/2018-5p-society-conference/