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A Social Story About COVID-19

By Michelle Myatt, MSW, M.Ed, Vice President of the 5p- Society

I wrote this story for my daughter Delaney so she could understand what is happening around her.

The Corona virus, or COVID-19, is a germ that makes people sick. It causes a cough, fever, and other yucky symptoms. I don’t like to be sick.

But I can stay healthy by washing my hands often with soap and water. I can also stay home and away from others. When I go out to walk or play outside, I should stay two to three bubble spaces away from people who do not live in my home.

Although it is good manners to shake hands or give high fives, right now I need to keep my hands to myself so that everyone stays safe and healthy.

I feel sad to not be able to see my friends or hug my teachers. I wish I could go to school. But it is closed right now while the corona virus is in the air.

When I feel sad or nervous, I can ask those who live in my house for a hug. I can also squeeze my stuffed bear or love on my pet. I can go outside to play in my yard or go for a walk. I can even read a book.

I don’t like being stuck at home so much. But I know it is important, so we all stay healthy. I do like being able to see my family more. My siblings are also out of school and my parents are working from home. I know this is hard right now, but it won’t last forever. One day, I will be able to go back to school and see my friends and family that I miss. Then I will be so happy again.

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